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My WS4… and soon to be WS5 iAnimate Instructor Tal Shwarzman joins me to chat about his time in animation.

A graduate of Sheridan College, who found his way to some to the top studios of our time. Tal talks about his start in animation, finding his feet at Blue Sky, to his days in DreamWorks, working on Monsters V Aliens, Shrek Forever After, Kung Fu Panda 1&2, Raise of the Guardians and How to Train Your Dragon 2. We discuss his workflows, how he handles jumping from one studio’s set up to another and he offers great advise on the difficulties animators face today. We also chat about his passion for the art of animation, his Mentors and how he ‘pays it forward’. I had so much fun recording this one, and smiled all the way through editing it. Tal’s a an amazing teacher with a great sense of you humour, I hope you enjoy the show!

Show Notes:
Tal’s Twitter Account
Tal’s Website
Dave Pate


  1. Fes March 24, 2014 7:26 pm  Reply

    Hey Tal,

    Where are you going to release your Crafting a Feature Shot tutorial? :)



  2. Gert Vanderbijl June 3, 2014 10:40 pm  Reply

    Sandra, just listened to this show. It was a shot in the arm for a current accountant studying at iAnimate trying to make it into the crazy industry that is animation. Tal brings a fresh bite of reality that serves as both a clarion call and a cautionary tale. I feel motivated to go work on my shots, but not for too long and not without taking long, hard think beforehand. Thanks for a great show.

    • Sandra June 4, 2014 6:49 pm  Reply

      Hey Gert! Thanks for the note. Tal’s a fantastic instructor. You’ll learn a lot the industry in general from him too. If you happen to have the chance to have him – take it! He’ll have you well prepared. I was an accountant too, before I went back to study. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Keep on, keeping on!!

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