Show 27 Scot Stafford

The man behind the music of pretty much all my favorite short films, such a delight to chat with composer extraordinaire, Scot Stafford!
In this interview we discus the ins and outs of making incredibly engaging music. We talk about the challenges of creating music for Spotlight Stories’s 360 short films Vs music for regular film. We also chat about his production company Pollen as well as the charity work he does with Cambodian Living Arts. Scot has collaborated with the animation genius’s that are Glen Keane, Doug Sweetland, Jan Pinkava, Mark Oftedal and Shannon Tindle and he has won AICE’s 2015 Best Music Award for his work on Duet. As he says himself, anything he can stay about music, is applicable to any creative field, so no doubt all creatives will find some inspiration in this episode. Check out the links below for more information and I hope you enjoy the show!

Sonaria: Behind The Scenes
Pollen Music Group Website
Huff Post chat with Pollen Music Group
Sound Explorations with Scot Stafford
Pollen Music Group on Twitter
Cambodian Living Arts

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