Show 28 Glen Keane

This was my second time meeting Glen, I don’t mind telling you, that my first time I was too shy to talk. This time, I done a little better.

The legendary Glen Keane. He is the most well known animator alive today… perhaps due to how his characters makes us feel. Ariel, Pocahontas, Beast, Aladdin, Rapunzel… Tarzan. All of these stirring vast amounts of emotion like no other character before. Glen really does animate from the inside out.
So you can imagine my exhilaration (and nerves) as I got a few moments to ask his advice about animation. I tried hard to find questions that would reap the most beneficial information. I feel this interview is unique in that, we drive right into the heart of animation to try and discover what is at the foundation of making a legendary animator.

The making of Dear Basketball


Keane Art

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