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It was such a pleasure to have Studio Technique’s Artistic Director, Samantha Youssef on to chat about drawing and traditional animation!

Samantha has studied at prestigious art academies around the world, she is a graduate of Sheridan College, Canada as well as the Gobelins intensive program in Paris and holds a degree in Film from Concordia University. Before establishing her own studio, Studio Technique, Samantha developed her stills working at Walt Disney Animation, Chuck Gammage Inc, Yawoza and Filmmax. Due to her rich and extensive background in the arts, Samantha is highly sought after by gaming studios. Her clients include Bioware, Cinematic Studios, EA Mobile, Electronic Arts, Gameloft, Ubisoft, WB Games – to name a few! Studio Technique offers classes in Animation, Figure Drawing and Artistic Training as part of the ongoing training professionals need throughout their career. Samantha has such an amazing talent for drawing and traditional animation. She is so easy to talk to and incredibly generous with her knowledge. The fact that her school is so heavily focused on drawing, I couldn’t not have her on the show! I know everyone will get a lot of this podcast, traditional as well as CG animators.

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  1. Dave DK November 12, 2014 10:57 pm  Reply

    I love your guests Sandra, especially the chatty ones :D It was really great to hear Samantha talk about the importance of life drawing for animation because I did start to think that studios might no longer care since even 2d productions nowadays have everything set up in a rig with little need to draw. But I guess that it’s not so much about the ability to draw, but more about understanding the mechanics of the figure and it’s gesture. Another insightful interview!

  2. Daniel G December 15, 2014 7:02 am  Reply

    This is the first podcast I’ve listened to, but if the others are like this and it ever becomes feasible for you to do/have made, I’d really love to see transcripts. My goodness, I was taking a lot of notes. Thanks for inviting her to talk!

  3. Sandra December 15, 2014 10:16 pm  Reply

    Thanks Dave and Daniel! Yes, I love that they express the importance of drawing in animation. Mark Oftedal does so in his podcast. As does upcoming guest Eric Goldberg! I’ll have plenty more 2D folks on to inspire us. Keep an eye on the FB page :) …Charlie Bonifacio, Sandro Cleuzo, Tomm Moore lined up…

    Daniel, that would be really beneficial… but I don’t know where I would find the time! However, feel free to send your notes, if you want to share them :)

    Delighted ye are getting so much out of these podcasts. Sam’s is very high up on my favs list for sure!

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