Show 02 Ted Ty

Ted-Header-1024x388While at CTN back in November 2014, I had the pleasure of borrowing a few minutes from the highly respected, Ted Ty…for my second podcast.

A graduate of Cal Arts, who continued his studies at Disney Talent Dev program. Ted grew as part of the Disney team for nine years before moving to pastures new, at DreamWorks. Name your favourite movie from one of these studios, Ted’s most likely worked on it! He learnt his skills in animation and Mentorship from the Masters that pioneered our medium, making him an intensely inspiring speaker with an encyclopaedic knowledge of animation. We hope you enjoy the podcast as much as we do!

Apologies for the sound quality, however we are quite certain the solid gold information Ted offers will more than make up for it :)

Show notes:

Speaking of Animation Interview

Dave Pate

Jason Reisig

Alex Kuoershmidt

Mike Giaimo

Al Ruscio

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