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I am super excited to bring you my first podcast with Animation Veteran Keith Sintay

Keith has an immense wealth of experience covering his 20 years in the industry. In this interview we talked about how he started at Disney’s internship as a cleanup artist to later become an inbetweener and animator. He talks in-depth about how the industry changed from traditional animation to CG, and how he built a portfolio of both amazing character animation as well as incredible visual effects. Since we’re good friends, there’s lots of friendly banter and Keith throws in great tips for up and coming animators as well as anecdotes about his time in the industry.

Show Notes:

Keith’s Reel

Elliot Bour

Mark Henn


  1. leon September 10, 2014 12:53 am  Reply

    another great interview, I think Surfs up was a underrated movie, I think the timing was bad as you had a few other Penguins movies out around the same time. so i think the public were penguined out. But surfs up was a great movie.

    • Sandra September 12, 2014 11:35 am  Reply

      It really was. Such a pity about bad timing… but it’s happened to a lot of movies over the years. I see you’re making your way through the podcasts :) Thanks for comments, much appreciated. That’s great that you had Darrin as a teacher! I’d say that would have been a super fun class!

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